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YearBook Information


The Lighthouse Staff Works to Finish Yearbook


Year Books can be ordered through May 15th. 

Visit to order.


Even though the 2019-20 school year has been disrupted and students won’t be able to participate in
many springtime traditions, one part of the year will remain the same: the yearbook. The staff of the
Lighthouse yearbook has been working hard in never-before-experienced conditions to complete their
yearbook and provide lasting memories of the entire year.
The COVID-19 pandemic changed many plans for this yearbook staff such as spring sports getting
canceled along with many anticipated field trips and events. Yearbook staff had to finish the yearbook
project remotely and like all CHSS staff and students, had to adjust to virtual learning. Staff members
worked through these challenges, and students at Cape Hatteras Secondary School can expect to
receive their books. Distribution plans will be announced later in the year.
“From Hurricane Dorian to a worldwide pandemic, 2020 will undoubtedly be ingrained in our memories
forever.” -Senior Yearbook Staff Member, Ava Garry
We will never forget all that happened this year. Decades from now these students will be able to revisit
their memories of the entire school year with a Lighthouse yearbook. Although students are missing
many springtime school highlights, don’t miss out on a yearbook to remember the whole year. You can
purchase your copy at
We are proud of the students and staff working hard to ensure Cape Hatteras Secondary will have a
Feel free to contact CHSS yearbook advisor at with your questions or


Great news!  The community can now upload photos into our design

    website for the yearbook!  

Step 1:

Step 2: Type in our school name

Step 3: Click Community Upload

Step 4: Access Code= Hurricanes