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School Supply List


School Supply List

Cape Hatteras Secondary School

General Supplies
The following list is for middle and high school students.

Required Supplies
__ Two binders
__ Dividers
__ Loose leaf paper
__ Five composition notebooks
__ 1/4'' graph paper (if taking math)
__ Colored pencils
__ Pencils
__ Pens (blue or black)
__ Erasers
__ Highlighters
__ Scissors
__ 3-hole punched 2-pocket folder for homework (suggested)
__ 4 glue sticks

Classroom Donations Needed
We appreciate your generous donations. We are always grateful for additional supplies such
__ tissues
__ Clorox/Lysol wipes
__ hand sanitizer
__ extra spiral notebooks
__ extra glue sticks
__extra composition notebooks

: (6th/7th/8th and high school)
Batteries (4 Pack AAA)
TI 84 Plus Calculator OR TI 84 Plus CE Calculator (recommended but not required)
2 Inch Binder
1 Pack of Sturdy Plastic Dividers
2 Packs of Notebook Paper (Wide or College Ruled)
2 Packs of Ticonderoga Pencils or Mechanical Pencils

Social Studies: (6th,7th/8th and high school)
Two Composition Notebooks  (Non-Spiral)
Pocket Folders                                                                                 

Science: (6th/7th/8th and high school)
2 Composition Notebooks (Marbled Type/Non-Spiral)
2 Inch Binder
2 Pocket Folders
Notebook paper

ELA: (6th/7th/8th and high school)
2 Composition Notebooks (Marbled Type/Non-Spiral)
2 Pocket Folders
Glue Sticks
Notebook paper

PE/Health Classes
1 Subject Notebook

High School Math Classes
Recommended but not required- TI-84 plus
Common Supplies That Will Be Used/Needed In All Classes

Highlighters                      Glue Sticks                                      Headphones/Earbuds                Colored Pencils
Scissors                             Kleenex                                          Pencil Pouch                             Pencils