Important Information About Attendance
All teachers and attendance personnel are required to report attendance each day to maintain accurate attendance records. 

It is expected that students present a written excuse from a parent or guardian within three (3) days of returning from each absence. 

Students absent for a medical appointment or court appearance should present a note from that office for the absence to be excused. Personnel will code absences based on the state coding guidelines. Failure to present a written excuse that falls within lawful guidelines and/or that is submitted more than three (3) days after the absence may result in the absence being coded "unlawful" or unexcused. 

Principals have discretion to grant reasonable exception to the local time requirement for providing an excuse on a case-by-case basis. 

While it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide a written excuse concerning the reason for all absences, a staff member such as an administrator, school nurse, counselor, or teacher may provide written documentation to the attendance office that the cause of the absence is lawful when knowledge is obtained by another means and the parent/guardian has not provided a written excuse. Such absences should be coded as lawful. 

Any student who misses more than five (5) days for any reason in any semester class or ten (10) days in any year-long class has exceeded the Dare County attendance regulation requirements. These students are subject to suspension of privileged activities (e.g., extra curricular activities, parking, attendance at prom, graduation ceremony, etc.) until such time as work is completed to the teacher’s and principal’s satisfaction.

For more information regarding STUDENT ATTENDANCE REGULATIONS (4400-R), please refer to the Dare County Schools, Code of Student Conduct and Annual Parental Notification, 2015-2016, pages 59-63.