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Karla Jarvis
- Guidance Counselor

Elaine Whitaker- CDC/SPC

Kimberly Brinson- Secretary

Summer Opportunities 
It is time to start thinking about summer opportunities and ways to spend your summer challenging your mind, your body and your mental wellness! You can learn new skills, explore new experiences and meet new people. Come back here from time to time and check out the new additions. Please remember, these are from outside sources and questions and information about these opportunities will be better addressed directly to the sponsoring entities. See below for a continuing list.        
Summer Opportunities Information


My Community Resource Database contains information for assistance in our community regarding Career Awareness Resources, College and Financial Aid/ Scholarships, Domestic/Family ViolenceFamily Support Services, Legal Services and AdvocacyMental Health Services, Primary Care Providers and Clinics andSpanish Language Resources.
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